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Heart Market at

Morrell Park Elementary Middle School 11/14/19

Morrell Park Elementary Middle School, The Maryland Food Bank, United Way of Central Maryland, and Access Art partnered to offer a HEART Market and fish giveaway in November. An innovative twist on a farmer’s market, HEART Markets are energetic events where children can “shop” for free fresh produce and learn how to turn wholesome foods into something tasty that their whole family can enjoy. The event provided nearly 1000 lbs of fresh food to families.  Approximately 230 lbs of Frozen sea bass was also given away at the event through the FISH (Feeding Individuals to Support Health) Project, a unique collaboration between the Institute of Marine and Environmental Technology, United Way of Central Maryland, McCormick & Co., and JJ McDonnell. The FISH Project was developed to positively impact the health of the central Maryland community and aims to provide residents with access to healthy and nutritious meal options, like fresh fish.

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